Minuscule price drop in petrol and diesel today

Bhubaneswar: There was a minuscule price drop in petrol and diesel on Monday. The petrol prices were dropped by 14 paise, while diesel prices were dropped by 10 paise today.

In the state capital, petrol is now sold at Rs 69.877 as against Rs 70.022 yesterday, and diesel is now retailing at Rs 70.63 as compared to Rs 70.735 on Sunday.

The price of the prime fuels had basically remained constant towards the end of January. From the beginning of February, the drops were consistent with close to one paise per day for petrol. The price drop for diesel has been inconsistent. But, luckily, there has been no major hike since the highest it touched in November 2018.

Oil Companies all over India are following dynamic fuel price method. As per this method, petrol and diesel rates are revised at 06:00 a.m. every day.

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