Layers of dust gathers on saline and injection in abandoned building of Mayurbhanj

Udala: Tons of medicines and saline were found with layers of dust in an abandoned building In Mayurbhanj district of Odisha said reports on Wednesday. There were some life-saving injections in the heap as well.

According to details, these were found dumped in the house as garbage. It is clear from the scene that the medicines were dumped here for months now. Such a sensitive incident has come to light from the Udala town of Mayurbhanj district. There were other items too in it with saline and injection lying in the abandoned building of the hospital, says reports.

Some had expired while some could still be used. Not only that but there were boxes of injection also thrown as trash there. There were antibiotic injections as well as some other life-saving ones.

According to reports, there were vein plugs and pipes that are used while saline administration. The most notable point here is that all these items were issued by Government. Now the most important question, is how these things remained unnoticed lying around here for months. The shocking part here is that there were injections that are used for the cure of disease related to lungs, skin and blood had been abandoned.

The disposal of such valued medical items are a cause of great concern. Meanwhile, people are demanding for an immediate thorough investigation and action accordingly. Detailed reports awaited in this regard.

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