How did Odisha’s Baripada get its name

Mayurbhanj: Baripada is the cultural hub of North Odisha. The place has been named after water bodies. The meaning of ‘Bari’ is water. Since the town is surrounded by Rivers and there are a number of water bodies in the town, it has been named as Baripada.

The erstwhile king of this area was in search of a plain land where there should be ample source of water. Thankfully, all these things were plenty available at this place. In one side of the town is the Budhabalanga River while the Katara River is flowing on the other side. Accordingly, the kings of the Bhanja dynasty erected a fort and hence originated the journey of Baripada.

After death of Mayurbhanj king Maharaja Damodar Bhanjadeo, his wife queen Maharajeswari Sumitra Bhanja Deo took over the administration. During her reign in the year 1802 she had established the Bhanjagada (the fortress of the Bhanjas) in Baripada.

The climate of Baripada is also unique. The place witnesses extreme hot during summer while extreme cold wave condition prevails during the winter season.

To safeguard people from rage of the extreme climate the kings of Baripada had dug a number of ponds in the town. Each of these ponds was serving different purposes. One of the ponds was used for drinking water and another for public bathing. Another pond was being used for horses. The horses were drinking water from this pond and taking bath.

Also, another pond was there for Lord Jagannath’s chapa khela. Baripada is also regarded as the second Sri Kshetra where 7 historic ponds used to double beauty of the town. The renovation work of these ponds has been taken up by the Baripada Municipality.

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  1. Chinmoy Dash says

    Loved the article.
    Baripada is our ancestral place.
    Though we have never stayed my love for the place is very much there.

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