Kandhamal conjoined twin survivor Jaga shows interest in studies, family seeks help

Phulbani: After getting recovered from his second surgery and moving out of his special cabin at Phulbani hospital, Kandhamal conjoined twin survivor Jaga has now started to behave like any other normal child.

The nine-year-old boy is now so healthy enough that he plays, moves around and even goes for morning walk with his father Bhuyana Kanhara. Besides, he is mentally so stable and fit that he shows interest in studies and wants to go to the school like other children.

Meanwhile, Pushpanjali Kanhara, the mother of Jaga reportedly met some concerned officials of the district administration and apprised them about the boy’s interest in studies. In reply, she was told to take a house near any of the school on rent and allow Jaga to attend classes.

However, Jaga’s parents are in a state of worried now as they cannot afford to take a house on rent and facilitate his studies. Pushpanjali said that ever since the conjoined twins’ surgery was conducted, the district administration had been providing them Rs 5000 monthly. However, the administration is allegedly yet to play the money of the last three months.

She also claimed that her husband looks after the family by running a rented auto-rickshaw every day. Therefore, she requested the district administration to take some steps and help them financially so that Jaga can go to the school and study like other children.

Notably, the Kandhamal conjoined twins Jaga and Kalia were separated from each other following their surgery at AIIMS-New Delhi in 2017. They remained under treatment at the Central government hospital till they were discharged in September 2019 but were kept under observation of a team of specialists at Cuttack-based SCB Medical College and Hospital.

Unfortunately, Kalia died of septicaemia on November 25, 2020. However, Jaga was got discharged from the hospital and was allowed to live with his parents after his health condition improved significantly.

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