Jaundice in Sambalpur of Odisha, 59 test positive

Sambalpur: Jaundice in Sambalpur has started spreading its wings. A total of 59 people have been diagnosed with the disease. After surveillance, it is feared that the number of infected people may increase in the entire municipal area. After it became clear that Jaundice was spreading, the health department took immediate action.

All the infected have been examined and given medicines. Health workers have gone to different places and alerted the people. Water samples were collected from Gupchup (panipuri) and popsicles sold on the roadside. One type of jaundice is evident from the sample. About 59 people have been affected with jaundice in several the areas Sambalpur Municipal Corporation. The district health department went to the place and started an investigation.

There are some common symptoms of jaundice. Among them, the skin and internal organs become yellow, stomach pain, upset stomach, vomiting, cough, fatigue, bloating. This disease can be caused by many things such as viral infection, liver disease, sore throat, alcohol or other bacterial infection. If such symptoms appear, it is important to take medicine as per the doctor’s advice.

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