Jagannath and his siblings to be given Phuluri oil treatment at Srimandir today

Puri: A number of rituals are held at Puri Jagannath Temple during the Anasara stay of Lord Jagannath and his siblings the application of ‘Phuluri Oil’ (a special herbal oil) on the bodies of the deities is one of the important rituals that shall be done today.

The Phuluri oil treatment which is carried out to cure the deities of the fever caused by excess bathing during ‘Snana Yatra’ will be conducted by Pati Mohapatra servitors. Known as ‘Phuluri Tela Seba’ the ritual will help lord Jaganath, lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra to prepare for the annual sojourn ‘Rath Yatra’ scheduled to be held on July 7.

As per the practise, the ‘Phuluri oil’ with which lord Jagannath and his siblings are treated with gets prepared by the Bada Odia Matha every year. The Phuluri oil treatment is done with oil prepared by mixing several fragrant flowers, sandalwood powder, Bena Chera, fragrant rice and Camphor. The preparation starts on the occasion of ‘Hera Panchami’, the fifth day of the Rath Yatra every year and after being stored under the ground for almost a year gets handed over to the temple authorities for use.

The deities, who are on a 15-day long ‘Anasara’ stay in the temple, would recover from sickness a day before Rath Yatra on the occasion of Naba Jaubana Darshan to appear before devotees.

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