High drama witnessed at Rasulgarh Square in Bhubaneswar as woman blocks Odisha CM’s carcade

Bhubaneswar: A high drama was witnessed at Rasulgarh Square in Bhubaneswar as woman tried to block Odisha Chief Minister Mohan Majhi’s carcade this evening.

According to reports, the Chief Minister was returning to his office after attending a programme at VSS Nagar of the State Capital City at around 5.30 PM. The police had stopped the general public to make the way for the CM.

However, a woman who was also waiting to go had a heated argument with the police at Rasulgarh Square and asked why they have blocked the road for more than 15 minutes. Despite the explanation of the police, who said her the road has been blocked for security reasons, the irate woman went out of her car and stood infront of the carcade of the CM.

The police officials including a woman cop repeatedly asked the woman to give way for the CM’s carcade. However, she was unwilling to move from the spot and stood in the middle of the road for about 3-5 minutes. But soon, the lady was pushed aside and the CM’s carcade passed.

Meanwhile, the Mancheswar Police has started an investigation into the matter by detaining the woman for interrogation.

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