WATCH: Elephant enters capital city Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: A huge tusker was reportedly seen roaming around the capital city Bhubaneswar since last night. It terrorised people in Pipili during the day and then proceeded to the capital at night.

According to reports, the lone elephant crossed the Daya River in Dhauli to enter the town borders. The animal crossed Garage Chhak to enter Bhubaneswar. It was seen wandering around the Lingaraj Temple as well as in the Bhimatangi area.

Though the elephant has not attempted to cause any damage or hurt people, the citizens are understandably panic stricken.

The forest department has said that it has started making the necessary preparations to tranquilize it so that it can be transported back to the forest with utmost safety and precautions. They were reported having a hard time since the huge mammal was right in the middle of the busy streets and any misstep could have caused loss to life and property.

According to the latest reports, the elephant was tranquilised near the Ainginia area.

The rescue work is underway.

Police is attempting to stop people from crowding the area and creating a ruckus. The elephant has been tranquilised with the first dose.

After administering the second dose, the elephant will be transported into a truck with the help of a crane and released into Chandaka forest. A health check up will also be done.

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