WATCH: Dutch Woman Cooks South-Indian Food With Mother-In-Law, People Are All Praises!

It is always interesting to watch how inter-racial couples  go through life. More the cultural difference between two people, more fun the interaction becomes. Marriages between people of different countries and cultures is often a treat to watch, as they try to adapt to each other’s lives, cultures, and values. One such video has won the hearts of netizens where a Dutch woman is seen making South-Indian dishes with her mother-in-law.

The aforementioned Dutch woman is named Stefanie and she is married to Prabhu Visha, who hails from the Southern part of India. In the adorable Instagram video he posted, Stefanie can be seen making a wide variety of South-Indian breakfast items under the guidance of her mother-in-law.

The whole family then proceeds to enjoy the delicious spread together. They are seen to be eating with hands.

The video of the Dutch woman cooking South-Indian food has managed to get over a whopping 7 million views and more than 2.7 lakh likes.

The now viral video of the Dutch woman cooking South-Indian food has earned a lot of appreciation from people.


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Prabhu Vishu added in the caption that there are many other South-Indian dishes but he wanted to keep those for the next reel.

Netizens applauded Stefanie’s effort and dedication and appreciated her a lot in the comments. a few people commented how seeing the video made them hungrier. People also joked on the comment section saying that Indians tend to make everyone half-Indian, no matter where they go.

People also agreed with Prabhu Visha who had said in the caption of the post that eating with hands is a different feeling altogether.

They also added that Indian food can be truly enjoyed only when eaten with hands, and even though sometimes people get irritated or give judgemental looks, Indians love eating with their hands.

The comment section is filled with love and positivity.

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