Dengue terror in Odisha, 18 affected and 11 hospitalized in Balangir

Titlagarh: Dengue terror in Odisha strikes again, this time the target is the Saintala town of Balangir district, said reports on Saturday. A few days ago, one person died due to dengue and now 18 people have been infected. 11 of the 18 have been shifted to Bhima Bhoi Medical College in Balangir due to their critical condition.

However, after the detection of a large number of dengue patients at the same time, the state-level team will go to the spot and check. Why there is a sudden increase in the number of dengue patients will be investigated. Director of Public Health, Dr. Nilakantho Mishra informed about this. Among these, yesterday a medical team from Bhima Bhoi Medical College in Balangir visited various hospitals in the city. Even alerting the people, they sent the person diagnosed with dengue to Bhima Bhoi Medical College in Balangir.

Similarly, the director of public health has informed that 350 dengue patients have been identified in the entire state so far this year. The number of dengue patients has increased twice this year compared to last year. Cuttack, Bhubaneswar have been given more importance as more dengue cases are detected in urban areas.

All CDMOs have been asked to be aware of dengue and take measures for treatment. Special dengue wards have been ordered in all district headquarter hospitals (DHH). All districts have been alerted. Platelets are ordered to be made available.

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