Cyber fraudsters loot Rs 15 lakh from software engineer in Odisha’s Nayagarh

Nayagarh: Cyber fraudsters have managed to loot an amount of Rs 15 lakh from a software engineer in Nayagarh district of Odisha.

The victim has been identified as Ashok Kumar Acharya, a software Engineer from the Chhayapatha lane under Nayagarh Town Police limits.

As per reports, the engineer received a phone call on his mobile recently where the caller introduced him as a Custom officer from Mumbai. He said that the custom department has seized a packet containing drugs that is in the name of the engineer. Accordingly, he will be arrested soon.

After hearing about arrest, the engineer wanted to negotiate for which the cyber fraudster asked him to pay Rs 15 lakh to get rid of the charges. Hence, he reportedly paid Rs 15 lakh to the fraudster online. However, later as he observed that the number got switched off and no further communication was made from that side.

Now, the engineer was convinced that he fell victim to cyber fraud. He soon then lodged a complaint with Police. Immediate action was taken in this case and his account was put on hold and got the money returned from the bank.

Police probe of the case is underway. The fraudster soon will be arrested, assured Police.

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