Cyber Crime on Rise: Cyber Fraud In Bhubaneswar, Highly Educated Woman Duped

Bhubaneswar: There has been a rise in the cases of cyber fraud these days. Many a people have fallen victim to these cyber fraudsters. No matter how fast the police acts and plans, the thief always stays a step ahead of them. They cheat their way out. Once again, a case of cyber fraud in Bhubaneswar has come to light.

A highly educated woman fell prey to a cyber-fraudster. Smita Chaudhary, who holds a good position in a high-profile foreign company has been duped of Rs. 3 lakhs 39 thousand by an unidentified swindler. Cyber crime police have started their investigation after the case has been reported.

Smita Chaudhary was at a high position in a corporate company and had just recently resigned from her position. However, she was allegedly conned through cyber fraud. She was trapped slowly step by step through the WhatsApp and Telegram thereby losing a sum of Rs. 3 lakhs and 39 thousand.

Smita then reported the case to cyber police after learning the truth. On the other hand, DCP Pratik Singh has given the statement that these tricksters have changed their strategies again and again with time. It is advised to be cautious regarding the same.

To be honest, cyber crime is the biggest challenge these days. Even though awareness has been spread time and again, people are still falling to protect themselves from the trickery. That’s why it is important to be mindful and vigilant while using social media.

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