Calf in Police Station in search of mother cow in Odisha’s Bhadrak dist, watch

Despite the cow owner gave Rs 2000 to compensate the loss, the man did not release the cow

Bhadrak: In a rare incident a calf went to Police Station along with its owner in search of mother cow in Bhadrak district of Odisha. The incident took place in RD Chowk area under Bhadrak Rural Police Station limit.

As per reports, Ritarani Mallik of RD Chhaka area has a cow and a calf.

Four days ago she had kept the calf in the house and had tied the cow to a pole in the farmland. Later, when she went to get the cow back she found that though the tying rope was there the cow was missing.

After a lot of searching, she came to know that someone has forcibly kept the cow at his house. Accordingly, she went to the man’s house to fetch the cow, but the person who kept the cow said that as the cow consumed his plants in the farm land he would not let the cow go. He also asked for money as compensation.

The owner of the cow gave him 2 thousand rupees. But he still did not left the cow for about 4 days. Meanwhile the worried calf became ill by not getting its mother nearby. Even the calf stopped eating without finding its mother.

Finding no other way, the owner of the cow reached the Bhadrak rural police station along with the calf. She informed Police about the incident. In the Police station also the calf was making sound in search of its mother.

After intervention of Police the person who had kept the cow freed the cow.

Reportedly the cow owner said that compensation money has been given to the man who had kept the cow. So all the issues will be resolved through negotiation, otherwise the decision will be taken according to the law in the police station.

Watch the video here:

Calf in Police Station in search of mother cow in Odisha’s Bhadrak dist

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