Balasore: 75 arrested, 19 cases registered, says SP

Balasore: Despite the curfew in Balasore of Odisha, the current situation is under control, said district Collector today in a press briefing.

People of Balasore have cooperated. Peace has been maintained in the town area. Curfew will be relaxed from 5 am to 9 pm in Sahadev Khunta area from tomorrow. Only in the Town Police Station area the curfew will be relaxed from 5 am to 2 pm, the Collector added.

The order has come from the home department to the Telecom department for broadband, Wi-Fi and landline internet, Balasore Collector Ashish Thackeray informed.

Similarly, SP Sagarika Nath said that most of the people who were involved in the group clash were minors and youths.

As of now, 19 cases have been registered regarding the group clashes. So far 75 people have been arrested on the basis of information and evidence. The police have arrested the people who were rioting in the area.

Police have now kept a strict vigil on the situation with the help of drones in sensitive areas. BSF have been deployed in various sensitive areas. Keeping in view the situation internet access is being granted.

The SP said that cyber experts are active in the town. Those who create rumors and spread slander will be arrested and prosecuted.

She advised people to obey the rules during curfew and warned against spreading rumours on social media.

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