Annoyed villagers push industry employee to drain as mark of protest over water pollution in Keonjhar district, watch

Keonjhar: A group of annoyed villagers reportedly pushed an employee of an industry to the drain as a mark of protest over water pollution in Joda area of Keonjhar district yesterday.

Tension prevailed at Deojhar village under Joda block of the district following the death of a cow, which died reportedly after drinking water from the drain allegedly polluted by the industry by releasing contaminated water.

Soon, some villagers approached the authorities of the concerned industry and appealed them not to release the contaminated water to the drain saying that they are using the water from the drain. Besides, animals and birds of the area also are drinking water from the water body.

Later, a group of employees from the industry went to the spot to inspect the situation. However, one of the locals reportedly pushed an employee to the drain as a mark of protest and to teach him a lesion of how they are suffering due to water pollution.

Though a video of the incident became viral and the matter has become a subject of discussion in the area, neither the concerned employee of the industry nor the villagers gave their comments on the incident.

It is not the first time that the locals are protesting over water pollution due to release of contaminated water from the industry. In the past, a school of fish had died after the industry released such contaminated water.

Watch the viral video:

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