61-Day-Long Fishing Ban In Paradip Of Odisha lifted, see details here

Paradip: The 61-day-long fishing ban in Paradip of Odisha has been lifted, said reliable reports in this regard on Saturday. The Government had imposed a 61-day-long fishing ban in Paradip of Odisha to help increase fish population. According to reliable reports, the ban was in force starting from April 15 to June 14.

It is worth mentioning here that during the fishing ban in Paradip, none of the boats which are fitted with engines were allowed to venture into the sea for fishing during the ban period. However, the small and non-mechanized boats that are less than 8.5 metres long with nets having big gaps are exempted from the ban.

The ban had become now a matter of concern for more than 20,000 people who earn their livelihood by fishing in Paradip area. Over 650 trawlers and 350 mechanized boats are engaged for fishing, said a source. However, the fishermen community had welcomed the move but urged the Government to provide and alternate source of livelihood to them so that they can manage their families for the 61 days of the ban.

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