4 police officers suspended in ganja smuggling case in Odisha

Angul: In a shocking incident, as many as four police officers have been suspended in a ganja smuggling case in Odisha on Friday. They were suspended for being associated in the illegal dealings of ganja.

The incident is said to be of Angul district in Odisha. DIG Uma Shankar Dash suspended ASI Jitendra Samantsinghar, Constable Manoj Nayak, Constable Lingraj Muduli and driver Ajit Sahoo working at the Police Headquarters in Kishor nagar police station.

According to the information, the roads passing through Angul district were frequently used by the traffickers to smuggle Marijuana from Boudh district. However, there were some allegations before that some of the police officers working near the border have received bribe to facilitate the illicit trade smoothly.

They allowed these smugglers to pass through after receiving their share. After being informed about these deceitful activities, DIG Umma Shankar Dash started to keep an eye on these officers. He started collecting evidence against them and once there was enough, he suspended the four police officers. DIG Umma Shankar Dash said that the four police personnel were suspended owing to their indirect involvement in the marijuana smuggling case. Further actions would be taken after thorough investigation.

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