3 elephants fall in pit in Cuttack district of Odisha, rescue operation underway

Narsinghpur: In a tragic incident, as many as three elephants fell into a pit in Narsinghpur block of Cuttack district in Odisha on Sunday, said reports.

There have been various incidents  in which elephants have been found to be in danger. Various times in Badamba, Narsinghpur of Cuttack district this has been witnessed. Sometimes it is seen that they are shot by the hunters and sometimes they come to the populated areas in search of food and are hurt and killed by locals.

As a result, the elephants are facing various threats. Today, the elephants were looking for drinking water and got trapped in a pit in Badamba Block. The Badamba Forest Department is continuing its efforts to rescue three elephants trapped in the pit since morning. The rescue operation is still on. Detailed reports are awaited in this matter.

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