3-Day COVID19 Shutdown In Birmitrapur Municipality Of Odisha

Sundergarh: As the rise in Covid-19 cases continues unabated, the Sub-collector of Panposh imposed a 3-day shutdown in the entire Birmitrapur Municipality.

The shutdown will be in effect from 6 am of July 17 till July 19 midnight in all the eleven wards under Birmitrapur Municipality area with restrictions on intra district movement of public and private transport, informed Sub-Collector Panposh.

During Shutdown only the following activities will be allowed.

  • All the medical establishments including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, including medicine stores. Movement of ambulance and all medical personnel.
  • District and Municipal Administration/Police/Fire-Services
  • Central and State Government officials on Emergency duty.
  • Opening of grocery shops and milk booths from 6 am to 12 pm
  • Telecom services and petrol pumps.
  • Print and electronic media identified by District police.
  • Water supply, sanitisation and sewerage workers
  • Electricity supply and distribution
  • Movement of good and good carriers, whether loaded and unloaded.
  • Industrial establishments, factories and related to construction activities.
  • All agriculture, horticulture and allied activities.
  • All diary, fisheries, animal husbandry and allied activities including procurement at Mandis.
  • Service sector industries ,including IT ,Hotel and Hospitality ,Operation of hotels and hospital units
  • Movement of rail transport
  • Road transport on highways ,road movement on transisting vehicles.
  • Home-delivery of food, groceries, vegetables and essential items by restaurants and aggregators such as Zomato and Swiggy
  • Newspaper hawkers between 5am to 8am.
  • ATM and critical financial institution
  • Movement of any person in case of medical or other emergency
  • Safety and protection of vulnerable persons
  • Marriage and funerals with permission of local police stations
  • Move of private vehicles and taxis
  • Lpg distribution and home delivery of cooking gas and associated facilties.
  • Dhabas along National and State highways/Major roads for takeaway only.

The movement of indivuals shall remain strictly prohibited between 12 am till 6 am throughout the Birmitrapur Municipal area (11 wards) except for essential activities.

However, this restriction shall not apply to:

  • District and Municipal Administration/ Police Government officials on duty
  • Doctors, Medical/ Paramedical Staff (Govt. & Private)
  • The staff of IT & ITes Companies on production their ID cards
  • Any person, in case of medical or another emergency
  • The owned staff of chemist shops
  • AA industrial units
  • Al construction activities
  • Movement of Public Transport, private vehicles, and taxis (including cabs by aggregators like Ole, User, etc.) to and from airports, railway station) stands’ stops, for facilitating the movement of passengers by air, fail and road. -Operation of hotels and hospitality units, including their associated offices, movement of staff and associated personnel
  • Dhabas along National and State Highways Major roads for takeaway only
  • Petrol pumps
  • Print and Electronic Media identified by Commissionerate/ District Police.

Directives of COVID-19 management:

The following Directives for  COVID-19 Management shall be strictly followed throughout Biramitrapur Municipality area. This will be enforced by the Enforcement wing of Biramitrapur Municipality.

    • Face coverings: Wearing face cover is compulsory in public places: in workplaces; and during transport. Defaulters wit be punishable with tine. as prescribed in accordance with laws, rules or regulations.
    • Social distancing: Individuals must maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet in public places.
    • Shops will ensure physical distancing) Wearing of Mask among customers. The owner of the shop shall be penalised for any violations.
    • Salons, Spas, Beauty Parlours and Barbershops shall ensure ail safety precautions disinfection and sanitization before and after service of each customer The owned manager shall be liable for any violation.
    • Gatherings: Public gatherings or congregations of more than 7 persons are prohibited.
    • Marriage related gatherings– Number of guests not to exceed 50. Funeral– last rites related gatherings: Number of persons not to exceed 20.
    • Spitting in public places will be punishable with one, as prescribed In accordance with the law.
    • Consumption of liquor. paan, gutka. tobacco etc. in public places is prohibited.

All the government and private organisations must ensure adherence to the SOP on the preventive measures to contain the spread of Covid-19.


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