176 rare turtles seized by DRI officials in Umerkote of Odisha, 4 arrested

Umerkote: In a recent incident, as many as 176 rare turtles were seized by DRI officials in Umerkote of Nabarangpur district in Odisha. The forest department seized the turtles while they being smuggled.

Reports say that, 176 rare turtles have been seized, and four people arrested. Nabarangpur District Jharigaon Forest Department arrested the smugglers. The turtles were being transported to Umerkote area.

A team led by Jharigaon Forest Officer Gobind Naik reached the spot and recovered 176 turtles alive. The team arrested four people on charges of involvement in smuggling. The turtles are kept at Jharigaon Central Nursery. Information about the arrest of four people from Kalahandi district.

DRI seized 351 rare turtles near Manguli Toll Plaza while smuggling turtles from West Bengal to Karnataka on March 3. 351 rare tortoises were seized from Tata Tiago car. DRI detained three people in the incident and handed them over to the forest department. After questioning the three people all of them were found to be wildlife smugglers.

It is noteworthy mentioning that rare turtles belong to Schedule-I of the Wildlife protection act. Species belonging to this schedule are considered to be endangered, that require rigorous protection.

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