150 grams of brown sugar worth of Rs 15 lakh seized in Bhubaneswar, 2 arrested

Bhubaneswar: Commissionerate Police today seized 150 grams of brown sugar worth of Rs 15 lakh and arrested two persons in Sundarpada area of the State Capital City.

Acting on a well-coordinated intelligence tip-off, the Special Crime Unit of Bhubaneswar-Cuttack Police Commissionerate meticulously planned and executed a surveillance operation targeting the narcotics trade in Bhubaneswar.

The team identified and tracked the suspects, Sk Chand and Ram Soren, culminating in a strategic interception while they were present near Pokhariput-Sundarpada under pass while they had been to the place to deliver the consignment to a lady of the same locality.

The swift and precise action by the unit resulted in the seizure of 150 grams of brown sugar, a significant quantity aimed for distribution.

Two mobile phones along with one Hero Glamour Regd No OD-01-Q-1308 used in the crime were also recovered from the possession of the drug dealers.

The arrested individuals were taken into custody without incident and are currently being interrogated to uncover further details about their operations and connections.

The apprehended suspects will be presented before the court while a comprehensive investigation is conducted to trace the supply chain, financial aid and identify any larger networks involved.

“We urge the community to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities regarding such activities in the locality and to inform Special Crime Unit on land line Number 0674- 2393366 in between 10 Am to 8 Pm. The identity of the informer will be kept anonymous,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Prateek Singh.

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