15 feet long Banded Krait rescued from hotel in Odisha’s Gajapati dist, watch

Paralakhemundi: A 15 feet long banded krait snake has reportedly been rescued in the Gajapati district of Odisha on Thursday. The poisonous snake was found in a hotel near the bus stand of Mohana.

As per reports, initially the staff members of a hotel located near the bus stand of Mohana saw the snake. They got frightened and soon informed about it to the hotel management. The hotel management informed the Forest Department.

After getting alerted officers from the forest department in Mohana reached the spot and initiated rescue mission of the poisonous snake.

Hearing about the long snake people crowded the place to witness the 15 feet long banded krait snake.

After rescuing the snake, the Forest Department officials took it to a lonely place in the forest and released it into the jungle, to its natural habitat.

Watch the video here:

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