women gives birth to  6 babies in Madhya Pradesh

Becoming a mother is the best moment in the life of  a woman. But giving birth to 6 children in a day by a woman ,might seems peculiar to hear.  However, such an incident took place in Sheopur  District Hospital of Madhya Pradesh.

A woman named Murty Vinod Mali delivered 6 babies, out of which 4 were female and 2 male. Unfortunately 5 babies lost their life in the first 10 minutes and the last one remains in critical condition.  According to doctors the delivery of Murty happened one month prior to the scheduled date.

Weighing between 450-780 grams the babies were born naturally and without complication during a span of 35 minutes.  The death of the children were due to underweight said the doctors.  However, Murthy who had her first delivery, remains to be in good health.

On Saturday,Murthy experienced labour pains and was rushed to the nearest hospital. However as the situation was critical she was redirected to Sheopur hospital, where she gave birth to  6 children.


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