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Woman Felt Stomachache 10 Days After Delivery And The Ultrasound Report Shocked Everyone


New Delhi: A shocking case of medical negligence has been reported against a nursing home in Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. A lady doctor of the nursing home located in Kalyanpur area allegedly left a surgical pad (towel) in a woman’s abdomen after conducting an operation for delivery.

As per reports, the surgical pad remained in the woman’s stomach for about 77 days, due to which she was feeling the pain every day. However, one day her health condition became critical following which she went for a check which revealed the truth.

Reportedly, Raabi (30), wife of Hitesh Vajpayee, a resident in New Azad Nagar had a cesarean delivery on October 17 last year in the nursing home. After 10 days of delivery, she suddenly felt severe pain in her stomach.

Raabi’s family members admitted her in a hospital where she had an ultrasound as per the doctors’ suggestion. The ultrasound report revealed that a blood clot has been solidified in her stomach. Not only this but also the doctors suspected that a surgical pad might have been left in her stomach.

Raabi was discharged from the hospital and was under medication. But after a few days, she was admitted to Aryan hospital as her condition deteriorated. Doctors in the hospital performed an operation on Sunday and removed a surgical pad from Raabi’s stomach.

Meanwhile, the victim has demanded action against the woman doctor who performed the surgery in the nursing home during her delivery and put her life in danger.

Her husband also complained against the nursing home to the District Magistrate (DM) and Chief Minister’s Office (CMO). However, despite many complaints, no action has been taken against the nursing home and the lady doctor.

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