Watch: Video of dead lizard in drink at McDonald’s outlet

An outlet of McDonald’s at Ahmedabad was sealed after a dead lizard was spotted in a soft drink served to a customer.

The customer Bhargav Joshi had been to the place with his friends and had placed an order for glasses of soft drinks. After taking two sips from one glass, a dead lizard surfaced on it. Joshi took to his Twitter handle to share a video of the incident. In the video, the four friends can be seen talking about what had happened. According to them, they had to sit for over four hours, before any action was taken.

Furthermore, the customers alleged that the supervisor of the outlet did not pay much heed to the complaint and laughed it off. He offered to refund their bill instead. But considering this as a serious concern, the customers lodged a complaint at Ahemadabad Municipal Corporation (AMC).

AMC swung immediately into action and the outlet was sealed.

Soon after, McDonald’s released an official statement which read, “At McDonald’s, we are committed to ensuring the safety and hygiene of all our customers. Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value are at the core of our business operations. Furthermore, as part of our Golden Guarantee programme, we have implemented 42 strict safety and hygiene protocols across all our McDonald’s restaurants, which include strict processes for regular kitchen and restaurant cleaning and sanitization, among others. We are looking into this incident that is alleged to have taken place at the Ahmedabad outlet. While we have checked repeatedly and found nothing wrong, we are cooperating with the authorities, being a good corporate citizen.”


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