Watch: Man seen carrying daughter’s body for 10 Km

A video from Surguja district of Chhattisgarh showcasing a man carrying the body of his seven-year-old daughter on his shoulders was widely circulated on social media. The disturbing video has prompted State health minister TS Singh Deo to order a probe.

According to Dr Vinod Bhargav, Rural Medical Assistant (RMA), Ishwar Das, a native of Amdala village, the father of the deceased minor, Surekha, brought his daughter to Lakhanpur Community Health Centre early on Friday morning. However, the girl died while undergoing treatment. After her demise, her father took away her body even before a hearse arrived.

Dr Vinod Bhargav, who is posted at the health centre, also said that the girl’s oxygen level was very low, around 60. Her parents informed him that she had been suffering from a high fever for the last few days. The doctor began all necessary treatments to save the child, but unfortunately, she died at around 7.30 am.

He further added to his statement, “We told the family members that a hearse will arrive soon. It came around 9.20 am, but by then they had left with the body.”

The video was shared on Twitter by news agency ANI along with the caption, “Surguja: Chhattisgarh Health Min TS Singh Deo orders probe after video of a man carrying the body of his daughter on his shoulders went viral. Concerned health official from Lakhanpur should have made the father understand to wait for hearse instead of letting him go, Deo said.”

Reportedly, the man in the video covered a distance of around 10 km on foot to reach home while carrying the body on his shoulders.

As soon as the video went viral, Health Minister TS Singh Deo asked the district’s Chief Medical and Health Officer (CMHO) to probe the matter and take necessary action.

The minister said to the reporters that he saw the video and found it disturbing. He then directed CMHO to probe the matter and take appropriate action. He also warned that those who are posted at the Health Centre but are not able to discharge their duties should be removed.

The Minister said that it was the duty of the health personnel who were on duty to persuade the family to wait for the vehicle. They should have ensured that such things did not happen.

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