WATCH: Man pushes wife in front of speeding train, flees with kids

In a hair-raising incident captured on CCTV in Mumbai, a man was seen pushing a woman in front of a train and fleeing the scene with two children.

The man and the woman, presumed to be married, were seen at the Vasai Road Station in Palgarh District since Sunday morning. This was also the scene of crime.

According to reports, the couple had spent the entire day at t he station platform. They had even gotten into an argument and the woman had borrowed a cleaner’s phone to make a call. Police has obtained the details of the number to which this call was made.

The CCTV footage shows the man standing and looking out for the train at around 4 AM. When he sees the train approaching he wakes up his sleeping wife, drags her a few steps near the edge of the platform and pushes her in front of the speeding Awadh express when it enters the platform. This happens around 4:10 AM. He then picks up his back pack, wakes up his two sleeping children, and flees the station, carrying one child on the shoulder and leading the other one by hand.

Watch the chilling video here:

Sandeep Bhajibhakre, DCP, WR, GRP has said that investigation regarding the identities of the people involved is being done. However, the movements of the accused have been quite closely tracked. According to GRP, his location was traced to Dadar and then Kalyan. He is expected to be apprehended soon.

The mutilated body of the woman, who died on the spot, was recovered from the tracks, and the statement of the locomotive driver of Awadh Express has also been recorded.

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