WATCH: Car drowns into sinkhole at Ghatkopar area of Mumbai

Mumbai: A parked car disappeared within seconds into a sinkhole at a parking of a residential complex in Mumbai on Sunday. The city has been receiving heavy monsoon rainfall over the past few days.

A video of the bizarre incident in Ghatkopar area is doing the rounds on social media. It shows the car’s bonnet and front wheels enter the sinkhole first following the rear part of the car and soon the whole vehicle disappears under the water in the sinking hole.

However, other vehicles parked near the car were not affected.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) tweeted, “After receiving the information about the incident, water pumping work is being coordinated by the concerned departmental office of the corporation as relief work. The concerned society has been informed to take necessary measures for safety in this place immediately.”

Traffic Police said, “There was a well at the place. Some people covered it with concrete slab and started parking cars over it. Incident occurred due to land subsidence following rain. No one injured”.

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