Visiting Pune? Don’t spit on streets, or else be prepared to clean it up

Pune: If you are visiting Pune or even living in the city, don’t spit on the streets, or else be prepared to clean it up.

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), in a bid to keep the city clean, has set a new rule last week to punish the people who spit on the streets of the city.

The initiative was launched in five of 41 wards of PMC namely Bibwewadi, Aundh, Yerawada, Kasba, and Ghole Road.

As per the new rule of the civic body, people who spit on the roads will have to clean them and also pay some amount of monetary fine.

The move of the civic body has brought some changes in the city. According to PMC solid waste management department chief Dnyaneshwar Molak, as many as 156 people were caught by the PMC sanitation inspectors while spitting on streets. All of them were made to clean their spit. Besides, each of them had to pay a fine of Rs 150.

This is not the first time that the PMC swung into action to maintain cleanliness in the city. Earlier, it used to observe the Anti-Spitting Day every Wednesday. However, it got discontinued for some reason. The PMC authorities, however, now set the rule to resume it with additional punishment to the violators.

The objective behind the punishment is to send across a message to people that when offenders are made to clean their own spit, they feel ashamed, and that next time, they think twice before spitting on streets.

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