Viral Video of Delhi’s Water Crisis Highlights Severity, WATCH

New Delhi: A severe heat wave has swept India causing widespread water shortages and heat- related illnesses. Many regions across the country are suffering from serve water storage. The intense heatwave that scorched a large part of the country has hit several states.

As people fall sick and die due to heatstroke and dehydration, several regions including the national capital Delhi are under several regions including the national capital Delhi are under severe water crisis.

Delhi is not only facing scorching heat conditions, but several parts of the national capital are experiencing acute water shortage. At the time when temperatures are hovering around 47-48 degree Celsius, water scarcity is the last thing people want to deal with.

However, a video that has gone viral shows how dependent people are on water-tankers to meet their daily water needs. The video is from Vivekananda Camp in Chanakyapuri area of South West Delhi district. Also, the desire and need to get water is also forcing people to board water tankers during traffic, which can cause serious injuries. However, this is the last thing on the minds of people who are struggling to get the water they need to meet their daily needs.

Most of the youths have to take risks to board water tankers to get their share of water. Even girls and children sometimes have to climb the slippery surface of the water tanker with pipes in their hands, which can be very dangerous as the roof, making the surface crowded and there is a risk of falling off the water tanker.

Locals says that fights often break out over fetching water and fights over this issue are a common sight. Netizens reacted to this happening in the national capital. The situation is so wicked that people are forced to risk their life.

The Delhi government is also aware of the acute water shortage in some parts of the national capital and has also introduced a fine of Rs 2,000 for wasting water in Delhi. The issue also sparked politics in Delhi as the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) said that Haryana was not giving up its share of water to Delhi and claimed that Haryana’s move was making things more difficult for Delhi.

“ Instructions have been issued to the CEO of the Water Board to prevent wastage of water. The directive calls for formation of 200 teams to prevent wastage of water. Car washing, overflowing water tanks and use of domestic water connections for commercial purposes or construction sites shall be considered, as wastage of water”, the official notice said.

The X handle of ANI said, “Due to the water crisis, people are facing problems in many areas of the national capital. Water is being supplied to the people through tankers.”


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