Vehicle Registration Spikes in Delhi After Implementation Of Unlock-1

New Delhi: Vehicle registration in Delhi got a sudden boom last month when Unlock-1 was implemented after a halt of people’s movement for almost 68 days during nationwide lockdown imposed to contain the spread of novel coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic.

As per the latest data compiled by Delhi Transport Department, vehicle registration here registered three times jump in June compared to May — the month which saw second, third and fourth lockdowns.

In May, the Transport Department data says, a total of 8,455 vehicles were registered. These vehicles include 6,711 two-wheelers; 1,650 cars; 72 e-rickshaws and seven three-wheelers. The registration was almost 1/8th compared to normal days when around 60,000 to 65,000 vehicles were registered before the lockdown, which was imposed on March 25 after the announcement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

From June 1 — the day one of Unlock-1 — the number of registration got momentum and the number of registered vehicles reached to 23,940 till the end of the month.

Of the total vehicles registered in June, 18,741 were two-wheelers; 4,755 four-wheelers; 280 e-rickshaws and 74 three-wheelers (auto-rickshaw and commercial vehicles).

“The registration of vehicles in Delhi started picking pace in June when Unlock-1 was imposed. Earlier, the number registered a significant drop due to restrictions across the country due to lockdown amid the Corona crisis. A total of 23,940 vehicles were registered in June which was 8,455 in May,” a Transport Department official told IANS.

“But as soon as relaxation was announced people once again started buying news vehicles in Delhi.”

The official said that two-wheelers registration is on top compared to other vehicles registered in June like previous years’ demands.

Special Commissioner (Delhi Transport Department) K.K. Dahiya told IANS that vehicle registration in Delhi is expected to touch its normal pace in the next 2-3 months.

More vehicle registration will generate revenue for the government.

Car dealers are also expecting sales to go up.

“Sales of vehicles decreased drastically during lockdown, but the situation has improved now and people have started purchasing vehicles,” J.S. Nayol, President of All India Car Dealers Association, told IANS.

Nayol, however, said demand for high-end cars are still low and that people are more interested in buying small cars or used cars.

“The vehicles in demand range between Rs 1 lakh to Rs 8 Lakh. People are currently less interested in buying high end vehicles which cost more than Rs 10 lakh. We have also asked the government to give relief in GST so that sales of vehicles pick up.”

Though the vehicles sales have picked up after the lockdown, car and two-wheeler dealers have been expecting to cover up the loss they have incurred during the lock-down. Many expect if the government curtails Goods and Services Tax (GST) people will surely approach to buy more vehicles, including high-end cars, and they will cover their losses.

Asked if traders’ demand regarding rebate in GST to boost the sale will be entertained, Special Transport Commissioner Dahiya said the government has not even planned on the issue.

Last year more than 7 lakh vehicles were registered in Delhi. On an average 60,000 – 65,000 vehicles are registered in Delhi every month. Around 40,000 two-wheelers and 13,000-15,000 cars are registered in Delhi every month.

(Inputs From IANS)

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