Vayu No Longer Cyclone, To Cross Gujarat Coast As Low Pressure

Ahmedabad: Cyclone Vayu, which was expected to make landfall by Monday midnight, has dissipated earlier and will not make landfall over Gujarat, a senior weather department official confirmed on Tuesday.

“It has already become a ‘depression’ and by midnight will cross over the Gujarat coast as a ‘well-marked low’, said Madhavan Rajeevan, Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences.

While this would still bring in rains and winds, it effectively meant that Vayu no longer posed a threat to Gujarat.

A ‘well-marked low’ refers to a state when a tropical storm has lost is strength and no longer possesses an ‘eye’ or a centre, which is the hallmark of a cyclone.

“For a landfall, the storm has to at least be a depression. Forecasting the track of this cyclone was tricky because there were complications posed by the monsoon pressure systems,” said Mr. Rajeevan. Now that Vayu was over, the monsoon could continue its journey along the western coast.

Furthermore, the IMD said conditions were becoming favourable for the monsoon’s advance into some more parts of Karnataka, south Konkan and Goa, Andhra Pradesh, remaining parts of Tamil Nadu, some more parts of west Bay of Bengal, remaining parts of the Northeast, Sub-Himalayan West Bengal and Sikkim and some parts of Odisha in the next 4-5 days.

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