Turf war erupts between Lashkar front TRF and Hizb in Kashmir

New Delhi: A new turf war has erupted between Pakistan sponsored terror groups in Kashmir — the newly formed �The Resistance Front’ (TRF), which is a front of Lashkar-e-Taiba, and Hizbul Mujahideen — as members of the latter have begun to defect.

Official sources told IANS that a top commander of Hizbul Mujahideen, Abbas Sheikh, has quit his organisation and joined TRF.

On Friday, �Tehreek e Pupils Party’ released a hand-written poster claiming that Abbas, its operational commander, has quit Hizbul Mujahideen because he disagreed with Hizb’s policy to kill Kashmiri policemen and civilians.

Intelligence sources said that Abbas has gone completely underground, hiding both from the Hizbul as well as security forces after his defection to TRF. Abbas claims to have 12 active members and an unknown number of over ground workers (OGWs), sources said.

Interestingly, TRF was quick to issue a statement on the defection of Abbas on Friday. On a letter head, with its Islamic jihadist logo and motto ‘Resistance till Victory’, TRF said, “Few days ago we warned Hizb to stop killing Kashmiri policemen or civilians. Yesterday they kidnapped a JK policeman from Vihil Shopian.

“Hizb should understand that our fight is with the Indian occupational forces and Indian occupation and not Kashmiri people, because they are our own people and we cannot fight occupational forces without their support. We thought we will fight together with occupational forces, but that was our biggest mistake.”

The statement further said, “Commander Abass bhai left Hizb because he also does not agree with Hizb for killing Kashmir police and civilians. Now Abass bhai is with us and we will fight with anyone who kills or hurts any Kashmiri. This is a final warning to Hizb. Don’t force us to take the hard route. No warning now onwards, only action.”

Recently, Kashmir Hizb chief, Riyaz Naikoo, had dismissed the rumours about division within ranks of terror groups, claiming that all the outfits were unanimous and together in their Islamist war against India.

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