Tractor Rally Violence: Petition Filled In Delhi HC To Remove Delhi Police Commissioner

New Delhi: A petition has been filed in the Delhi High Court seeking removal of Delhi Police Commissioner S.N. Shrivastava from his post and punishment for police officials who failed to discharge their duty in controlling the agitating farmers.

The petition, filed by Dhananjai Jain, states that the government and police completely failed in maintaining law and order in an effective manner. This came a day after farmers protesting against agricultural reforms breached barricades and clashed with police in the capital.

“It is a matter of absolute shame that the armed police of Delhi were seen in a state of utter helplessness being chased, threatened and beaten up by the protesters and seemed to be at their mercy,” the petition stated.

The petitioner further contended that the police personnel posted at the Red Fort were left abandoned due to lack of timely decision making by the police commissioner.

“Maintaining law and order is the prime responsibility of Delhi Police which is under direct control of the Union Home Ministry, but both have miserably failed in discharge of that duty.”

Among other requests, Jain sought the court’s direction to remove the Delhi Police commissioner from his post and punishment to all the police officers who failed to discharge their duties.

He also sought immediate removal of people squatting under the garb of the farmers’ agitation and clearance of all roads and public places.

Request for adequate paramilitary forces to be put in place to protect monuments, life and property of citizen was also made by the petitioner.

On January 26, farmers swarmed the Red Fort and waved farmer union flags from its ramparts. They even hoisted farmer union flags as well as a pennant with a Sikh religious symbol from a flagpole.

The cat-and-mouse games between the police and protesting farmers continued until late Tuesday evening. Most of the incidents were reported from Mukarba Chowk, Gazipur, A-Point ITO, Seemapuri, Nangloi T-Point, Tikri Border and Red Fort.

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