This accused crossed all limits of cruelty

In this creepy case, a mother and her two daughters were murdered, their dead bodies split to pieces, were boiled and fed to dogs

Chandigarh: Shocking! The accused Rajesh had crossed all limits of cruelty. The latest update of the Bhiwani triple murder case reveals that the accused murdered the woman and her two innocent girls. Then, he separated heads of the three from the trunks and cut the body parts into pieces and boiled it putting them on a gas stove. To clear the evidence he fed the boiled flesh to dogs. Rajesh, the main accused in the Bhiwani, Haryana triple murder case made this disclosure during police investigation on Monday.

Accused arrested

The crime had taken place on December 28 last year. Earlier, two accused Poonam, a resident of Bhiwani, was arrested on January 27 and Makhan of district Damoh, Madhya Pradesh was arrested on January 26, 2019. However, the main accused Rajesh was at large. He was arrested Friday after which everything became clear.

However, in this case, Police could not get the head of the dead bodies even after two days. Accordingly, the police launched a combing operation in the area. About 150 police personnel executed the combing operation on the instructions of the Superintendent of Police. They searched in the fields and bushes. The operation continued for about two and a half hours. Finally police recovered the head, which contained teeth with skulls.

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Thus Police finally recovered the head of the woman and the little girls from the bushes, which were just skeletons.

Police had arrested Rajesh Kabadi, the main accused in the triple murder case on June 28. On June 29, he was presented in the court and police took him on a three-day remand.

Height of cruelty

During Police investigation main accused Rajesh, who had crossed all limits of cruelty,  also revealed about a mattress. Accordingly, Police spearheaded the investigation and recovered a blood-stained mattress from his plot located in Umrawat village. He narrated the crime. He said that he attacked the woman when she was sleeping. He cut her throat. Shocked, the elder girl tried to run away. But he grabbed her and cut her neck apart from the trunk. Later he put the little girl on the floor and cut her neck.

Meanwhile, DGP Manoj Yadava appreciated the tireless efforts made by SP of Bhiwani Ganga Ram Punia and his team for cracking the blind murder case, reports ANI.

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