This 8-yr-old kid of a blind couple drives auto to earn money for family: Watch

In this society we see diverse situations. While some kids born with silver spoon, some kids need to execute duty as a grown up to fulfil needs of the family. Meet 8-yr-old Raja Gopal Reddy from Chittoor area of Andhra Pradesh who drives Auto rickshaw to help his parents earn the livelihood for the family.

Gopal have two younger siblings while both his parents are blind. Hence, he drives an electric auto rickshaw to help out the family earning the bread and butter. The kid’s mother and father sell vegetables and groceries in Chandragiri town of Chittoor.

However, that is not enough to nourish the family and hence Gopal has shouldered the responsibility of his younger siblings. Being the eldest of the siblings in his family, Gopal decided to join hands to his visually impaired parents. He studies in Class III and drives the vehicle in his free time.

Every day, Gopal Krishna, is seen taking his mother and father to the place near Chandragiri hospital where they sell groceries.

Of course, recently police caught Gopal for underage driving and later released him after getting an assurance that he would not drive it again.

In the meanwhile his mother Parvati has sought help from the government for the poor family.

Source: Times of India

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