The timeline of the Maha ‘khel’

Mumbai: Maharashtra early on Saturday got a surprise pack of Chief Minister and his deputy in BJP’s Devendra Fadnavis and NCP’s Ajit Pawar.  The timeline is a must read.  Here is the what happened when:

Sometime around 11.45 night – Ajit Pawar-BJP Deal finalised.

11.55 pm Friday – Faadnavis speaks to Party and requests for swearing-in before anyone in Sena-NCP-Congress comes to know and stakes claim.

12.30 a.m. Saturady – Governor who was to travel out of Mumbai to New Delhi, cancels his travel

02.10 a.m. – Secy to Governor told to submit revocation order at 5.47 and arrange swearing in at 6.30 a.m.

2.30 a.m. – Secy informs he will submit file within two hours and advises 7.30 a.m. for swearing in as arrangements have to be made early on Saturday.

And the timeline continues:

11.45 p.m. on Friday till Saturady 9 a.m. – Ajit Pawar stays put with Fadnavis, not to go back till sworn in.

5.30 a.m. – both Ajit and Fadnavis arrive at Raj Bhavan

President’s Rule revoked at 5.47 a.m., but announced at 9 a.m.

7.50 a.m. – Swearing in starts by Governor B.S. Koshyari

8.10 a.m. – Big news breaks

8.40 a.m. – PM Modi congratulates new CM and Dy CM

8.10 a.m. – Reactions start pouring in

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