Telangana Ministers Justify & Hail Hyderabad Encounter

Bhubaneswar: Telangana ministers justify and hail the Hyderabad encounter of the four accused in the murder case.

They said that whoever commits a heinous crime should be ready to be killed in such an encounter.

To justify the action of the police he said, ‘This is a message. If your conduct is wrong, you will not benefit from any court trial, jail sentence or subsequent bail as this is a case in progress. Now nothing like this will happen. Through this, we have sent a message that if you do something which is very wrong and cruel, then there will be an encounter.’

State animal husbandry minister Talsani Srinivas Yadav said these things in an interview with a local television channel.

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Telangana CM, Chandrashekhar Rao was criticized for not going to the victim’s house and resorting to issuing a mere statement.

The  Transport Minister P Ajay Kumar has also made a similar claim on Friday, stating that the state has proved itself to be a role model in ensuring “speedy justice”.

The minister told media persons, “We have shown that if someone casts an evil eye on our daughters, we will take out their eyes.”

‘The family of the victim who were suffering due to the loss of their daughter will get peace after the encounter.’ He added. 

The former Chief Justice of India, SA Bobde however condemned the encounter. The Chief Justice at an event at Jodhpur said, “When justice takes the form of vengeance, it loses its character.”


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