Surgical Strike Over-Hyped: Ex-Army Officer Who Oversaw Operations

New Delhi: In a shocking revelation, Lieutenant General DS Hooda (retired) has said constant hype around the military operations was unwarranted. The retired army officer made the comments in Chandigarh, where he attended the Military Literature Festival (MLF).

“I do think there was too much hype over it. The military operation was important and we had to do it. Now how much should it have been politicized, whether it is right or wrong is something that should be asked to politicians,” said Lieutenant General DS Hooda (retired) who was the Northern Army Commander when the operation was carried out on 29th September 2016, across the Line of Control (LoC).

Reacting to the comments by the former Army officer, Army Chief General Bipin Rawat told news agency ANI: “These are individual person’s perceptions, so let’s not comment on them. He was one of the main persons involved in the conduct of these operations, so I respect his words very much.”

Lt. General Hooda said it was natural to have initial euphoria about the success, but the constant maintenance of hype around the military operations was unwarranted.

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