‘Stop The Transmission, Crush The Pandemic’ : Government Releases Advisory

New Delhi: The Office of Principal Scientific Adviser to Government of India issued a guideline in order to prevent the spread of Covid virus by using masks, maintaining social distance and sanitization and having proper ventilation.

The advisory highlighted the important role of well-ventilated spaces that play in diluting the viral load of infected air in poorly ventilated houses, offices etc. The ventilation can decrease the risk of transmission from one infected person to the other.

The aerosols and droplets are the key transmission mode of the virus. Aerosols can be carried in the air up to 10 meters while the droplets fall within 2 meters from an infected person, said the advisory.

Even one infected person showing no symptoms can release enough droplets to create a viral load that can infect many others. Hence, frequent cleaning of high contact points such as door handles, light switches, tables, chairs and the floor with disinfectants like bleach and phenyl can remove the virus contamination from surfaces.

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