SpiceJet plane’s windshield found cracked mid-air, Pilot takes flight back to Mumbai

A SpiceJet plane, which was heading to Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, flew back to Mumbai on Saturday after the pilot spotted a crack on the windshield mid-air, according to an official statement.

The airline’s spokesperson said that “On May 28, SpiceJet Boeing 737 aircraft was scheduled to operate SG-385 (Mumbai-Gorakhpur). During cruise, windshield outer pane was observed to be cracked.”

The pilot-in-command decided to return to Mumbai, added the spokesperson. The air traffic controller was apprised and the aircraft returned and landed safely at the Mumbai airport.

last week, several SpiceJet flights were delayed at Delhi airport due to a delay in the airline’s daily payment to the Airports Authority of India. Later the problem was fixed and the operation become normal.

Earlier this week, SpiceJet had to cancel and delay several flights due to an attempted ransomware attack. This caused many passengers to remain stranded for hours, with some of them left waiting inside their planes for nearly five hours. Later, the company said that the situation has rectified and contained to a large extent. However, some passenger had to returns home as some flights that were bound to places with night curfews were cancelled.

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