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Smartphone craze! 16-year-old girl tries to sell her blood to buy smartphone


West Bengal: Smartphone craziness is getting out of limits these days. This is especially the case for teenagers. In a shocking incident, a 16-year-old girl allegedly tried to sell her blood in a blood bank in West Bengal in order to buy a smartphone worth Rs 9,000. However, the blood bank authorities managed to convince the girl and prevented her from selling her blood.

According to reports, the blood bank authorities informed Childline India after knowing the girl’s intentions. Later the girl was counselled before being handed over to her parents.

According to the authorities, the girl had already ordered a smartphone worth Rs 9,000 online.

Kanak Kumar Das, who is working in the blood bank at the Balurghat district hospital, said that the girl approached the blood bank around 10 am. Initially they thought that she had come to take blood as it was a blood bank of the district hospital. But when she told us that she wanted to sell us blood, we were shocked.

As the girl was only 16-year-old hence a minor, the blood bank authorities informed Childline on 1098. Then counsellor Rita Mahato rushed to the hospital and convinced the girl to go home.

“She told us that she had ordered a mobile phone on Sunday through an online shopping app. It costs around Rs 9,000 and will be delivered on Thursday,” Mahato said.

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