Shocking! 8-Year-Old Sits With Body Of 2-Year-Old Brother Waiting For Ambulance

Madhya Pradesh: In a heart-wrenching incident, an 8-year-old was found sitting with the body of his 2-year-old brother waiting for an ambulance.

The incident has been reported from Morena town situated in Madhya Pradesh.

The father of the children had made them sit and had gone desperately looking for a vehicle to drop them back home.

It so happened that the hospital authorities declared that the 2-year-old had died due to liver-related ailments.

But by then the ambulance that had brought the baby from the village had left and the poor father did not have enough money to take them back to their village which was around 30 kms away.

The father was trying desperately to arrange a vehicle.

Locals spotted the 8-year-old and enquired about the whole incident and immediately alerted the police.

The police then reached the spot, and dropped them back home.

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