Shocking! 7 students go missing in Karnataka, say they are bored with studies

Bengaluru: Seven students, including a college girl went missing in Bengaluru, in two separate incidents spread over two days, police sources said on Monday. According to the letters recovered from their houses, the police said the teenagers left home as they were not interested in studies.

Parikshith, Nandan and Kiran, residents of Soundarya Layout in Hesaraghatta Road studying Class 10 have gone missing since Saturday morning. The parents searched for them till evening and complained to the police.

The police recovered letters left behind by the boys. They have mentioned that they do not have an interest in studies and they will come back after earning a good name and money, police said.

Three boys have written separate letters. “We are more interested in sports than studies. Even if you pressure us, we do not have the interest to pursue studies. We will build our careers in the field of sports. We like the game Kabaddi. We will earn a good name in this field and return after excelling and making a name in that field,” their letters mentioned.

They have also addressed the parents not to search them. The jurisdictional Bagalagunte police have taken up an investigation based on the inputs of neighbours and people in the surrounding areas and CCTV cameras.

In another case reported on Sunday near AGB Layout, a 21-year girl and three children went missing suspiciously.

Amruthavarshini (21), a student of BCA Third semester, Royan Sidharth, Chintan and Bhoomi, all 12-year old kids and residents of Crystal Apartment went missing.

All four left their homes on Sunday morning and have not returned. The parents have lodged a complaint with the Soladevanahalli police. They have told th epolice that their children spent most of the time with Amruthavarshini and she has taken the kids along.

Meanwhile, a note has been found from the home of one of the children in which it is mentioned to carry slippers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, water bottle, cash and sports items. The police are investigating the case.

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