Shocking! 62 steel spoons removed from man’s stomach in UP

Lucknow: In a shocking incident, as many as 62 steel spoons were reportedly removed from a man’s stomach in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh (UP).

The 32-year-old man has been identified as Vijay of the Mandsaur in Muzaffarnagar. He was taken to the hospital only after he had a stomach ache problem. He was admitted at the hospital as his condition deteriorated.

Later, in course of examination, doctors spotted 62 steel spoons in Vijay’s stomach and removed them after 2 hours of operation. Surprisingly, he agreed to have been eating the spoons for 1 year.

“62 spoons have been taken out from the stomach of 32-year-old patient, Vijay in Muzaffarnagar. We asked him if he ate those spoons & he agreed. Operation lasted for around 2 hours, he is currently in ICU. Patient has been eating spoons for 1 year,” said Dr Rakesh Khurrana as quoted by the news agency.

Currently, Vijay is undergoing treatment in the ICU of the hospital.

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