Shocked families of slain accused question police action

Hyderabad: The killing of the four accused in the Hyderabad veterinarian’s gang-rape and murder has shocked their families, who questioned the police action of gunning them down in an ‘encounter’ even before a trial.

The families of the two truck drivers and two cleaners said they would not have been upset if they had been punished by the court after a fair trial.

As the news of the police gunning down the accused reached them, the families in Telangana’s Narayanpet district reacted with shock.

Mother of Mohammed Pasha alias Arif, the main accused, broke down when media persons reached her house to speak to her. “I have lost my son. What do you want me to say?” the woman asked.

Arif’s father Mohammed Hussain and other relatives left for Shadnagar town in Ranga Reddy district to take the body.

Credits: IANS

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Another accused Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu’s pregnant wife Renuka wanted the police to kill her too. “I cannot live without my husband. Kill me too,” she said crying inconsolably.

“The police picked up my husband promising to bring him back. But, they have now shot him dead,” said Renuka, who had married Chennakeshavulu about a year ago.

Rajappa, father of Jollu Shiva, wondered why the police did not give similar punishment to rapists and murderers in the past. “Why only my son and three others were killed?” he asked.

Fourth accused Chollu Naveen’s father Ellappa lamented that the police did not allow him to meet his son.

“They should have allowed us to meet and talk to him. The police had time to prove him and others guilty before the court and punish them,” he said.


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