Same-sex couple Anju Sharma and Kavita Tappu ‘marry’ in Gurgaon

New Delhi: A same sex couple has reportedly married in Gurgaon. Anju Sharma and Kavita Tappu reportedly ‘married’ recently. However, in India a same sex marriage is not legally accepted.

The said marriage function was like a normal wedding where all the rituals like pheras, Barmala etc. were done.

As per reports, Tappu is a make-up artist while Anju Sharma is a TV serial actor.

After a few days of the marriage, the couple conveyed about their relationship in an interview with news agency ANI.

Talking to ANI Kavita said, “I was aware that our videos would go viral on social media, but it feels bad when people drag my family into it… She is extremely caring… I am proud of my decision and I am very happy with her… It has been 2 months since our marriage, but we want to adopt an orphan child in the future… We are lucky that our families were so understanding…

And Anju described how they developed the relationship. She said, “… I once invited her as my make-up artist for my shoot in Gurugram… She stayed with me for nearly 22 days. She was so well-behaved that even my mother liked her… She is extremely caring… We have been living together for 4 years… She stood with me through thick and thin… Our marriage is not legal. It is legal and acceptable abroad but not in India. I talked to my lawyers before the wedding about how to register it, to which they advised it could not be registered and would not be accepted as per law. We could get a live-in relationship certificate… I was worried about what my neighbours started saying behind my back… We are happy with our decision…”

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