Sambit Patra slams Congress over Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s appointment

New Delhi: BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra has slammed Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s appointment as Congress General Secretary for UP East. He accused the Congress party of promoting “family alliance”.

Patra also accused Congress President Rahul Gandhi of failing in his “leadership” role and hence have brought Priyanka into active politics.

“The Congress has basically publicly announced that Rahul Gandhi has failed and needs crutches from within the family. Because of his rejection by grand alliance parties, he has opted for a family alliance,” he said.

Sambit Patra’s statement was BJP’s response to Priyanka’s appointment.

He also accused the Congress of “playing the Priyanka card” before upcoming General Elections.

Taking a dig at the opposition party, Patra said it was natural that it had to “coronate” somebody from within the family and added that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has projected the Lok Sabha elections as a battle between “naamdar” (dynasts) and “kaamdar” (those who have worked).

“All appointments are from one family. And this is the fundamental difference between the Congress and the BJP. In the Congress, the family is party. In the BJP, the party is family,” Patra said.

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