Renukaswamy murder case: Pavithra Gowda provoked, conspired, participated in brutal crime

Bengaluru: Arrested Kannada superstar Darshan’s “partner” Pavithra Gowda, the prime accused in the fan murder case, had provoked, conspired, and even participated in the brutal crime, revealed the latest remand application submitted in the court.

The remand application states that the investigation revealed Pavithra Gowda, who is currently in judicial custody, actively participated in committing the murder of Renukaswamy.

Previously, it was believed that she had only beaten the victim with slippers but had been present while Renukaswamy was hacked to death.

The remand application further states that Pavithra Gowda, 33, third accused Puttaswamy alias Pavan K., 29, fourth accused Raghavendra, 43, fifth accused Nandeesha, 28, sixth accused Jagadish alias Jagga, 36, seventh accused Anukumar alias Anu, 25, eleventh accused Nagaraju, twelfth accused Lakshmana, thirteenth accused Deepak, and sixteenth accused Keshavamurthy are directly involved in the heinous act of murder and have scant respect for the law, as per the evidence.

Darshan, the second accused in the case, involved his fans in the crime, it said, that physical, technical, and scientific evidence gathered by the police shows that the accused inhumanly and fatally attacked Renukaswamy and murdered him.

After committing the murder, the accused used their influence and money to dispose of the body and tried to destroy the evidence, the remand application said, adding that also tried to frame other individuals and escape the case.

With the common intention of committing the crime, they destroyed physical, technical, and scientific evidence and attempted to destroy further evidence, according to the police.

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