Rare three eyed calf born, people call it ‘incarnation of God’

Rajnandgaon: A jersey cow has given birth to a rare calf that has three eyes at a village in Rajnandgaon district of Chhattisgarh and the locals called it the ‘incarnation of God.’

One Hemant Chandel, a farmer and the resident of Nawagaon Lodhi village, has a jersey cow. The cow reportedly gave birth to a three-eyed calf on January 13.

“The calf has an additional eye in the middle of her forehead and also four holes in the nostril. Its tail looks like a ‘jata’ (heap of matted hair) and its tongue is also longer than normal calves,” PTI quoted Hemant Chandel, a resident of the village, as saying.

Meanwhile, people are seen making long queues to offer prayer believing that the call is the ‘incarnation of God.

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